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My Daily Wars
This essay was written as a sensory description paper for English 101. It's about the wonders of childhood and the imagination of a child.
Ending the Pain
This one was written while sitting at a table at Denny's waiting to see my dear Sis.  This doesn't really reflect a general "mood" of mine, but more of what I see happening to others.  It's short and unfinished.  9/98
The Culture Difference
An essay for 11CP English. We had to write about the differences between cultures, and our own experiences. 4/97
Lost Soul
Written at Stuart's while I was waiting for someone to finish studying.  10/98
This one came up while i was bored stiff waiting for somebody. Hmm...i guess the date that i finished it was 2/1/98. It was supposed to be a song, but so far, i can't think of a tune to go along with it. So, read it and enjoy!
A Friend
I wrote this poem a bit ago (7/12/97) about a friend of mine. The words, thoughts, and feelings were floating around in my mind for about a month, before i wrote this
Abortion Fight is over Choice
This one was written as an in-class-essay as a response to an essay by Victoria Brown on the topic of a mother-daughter relationship and how discussion fits into that.
A Legend That Will Live on Forever
This one's a doosey. It's a 7 page (Double spaced 12 font) paper for English 11CP on Isaac Asimov. It's a research paper that we were assigned to do near the end of the year. This one is especially important to me because I stayed up all night working on it just so I could hand it in on time.
Self-Examination With a Purpose
 This is a paper for English 101 that deals with Chelsea Cain's novel, Dharma Girl. It's about the author (and main character), Chelsea, and how she deals with her mother's cancer.
This is a poem that I wrote around October 1996 after watching a news program that they entitled, Cybermonks. I guess I was inspired. This one is a pretty good one, and also contains a question at the end. See if you can answer it.
Lady Jane
A song that has yet to have a tune put to it.  It's self explanatory to the people that are meant to understand it.  10/98
Editorial to the Overlords
Here's an editorial (fake of course) that I was assigned to write. It's about Arthur C. Clarke's novel, Childhood's End. There were two sets of people. Those who supported the Overlords (aliens hovering over earth acting as protectors), and those who didn't support the Overlords. I had to write an editorial where I supported one of the sides.
From Mark One to Mach Five
This paper is a research paper about the history of the computer. It was done for Trends in Technology. It covers from the time of the Mark One and the UNIVAC up to the Pentium 2.
The History of Computers as it is told in Genesis
This is the sister paper/speech to From Mark One to Mach Five...This was included in the whole project on the history of computers. If you didn't already figure out, this is a spoof on The Bible's Genesis Chapter 1.
The Duty of a Parent
 This one was written for 11CP English. The question that we were given was, "Should a parent prevent a child from making a disastrous mistake?" I had an interesting opinion on the subject. I consider this one of my best written essays.


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