Walkin' through the jungle
In my blue suede socks.
I'm swimmin' down the river
In a cardboard box.

Dyin' at the cross
While sitting in my chair.
Shooting into outer space
In my underwear.

I'm schizophrenic.
I've got multiple minds.
I've got that jolly good feelin'
Burnin' deep inside.

I'm schizophrenic.
I am my own best friend.
It's gettin' crowded in my mind.
I'm payin' double the rent.

I'm schizophrenic.....
I'm schizophrenic.....

It's the monster that you hate.
Buried deep inside a log.
Gnawing at your brain.
Pissin' on your dog.

My friends all think i'm crazy.
Say I'm nuts beyond belief.
My dealer seems to like it
That I ripped out all my teeth.

I'm schizophrenic.
I'm havin' twice the fun.
Thinkin' to myself
I gotta get myself a gun.

I'm schizophrenic.
It's a mental overload.
I've wasted too much time
Walkin' up that dusty road.

I'm schizophrenic.....
I'm schizophrenic.....

Psychotic as the dark
Beating down the light of day.
Helpless as a reindeer
Trampled on by Santa's sleigh.

Someday I might get over it.
I hope it's not too soon.
'Cause I'm havin' too much fun.
Bein' crazy as a loon.

I'm schizophrenic.....
I'm schizophrenic.....

I'm schizophrenic.....
We're fine.

--Justin Heiner

This poem was created by Justin Heiner and is copyrighted by laws pertaining to the Internet. No part of this poem may be copied in any means whatsoever without the expressed permission of the author.