Justin Heiner
English 101
In-Class Essay #2 - Choice #4
April 7, 1997

Abortion Fight is Over Choice

In Victoria Brown's Abortion Fight is over Choice, the author relates a piece of her past that she remembers about her and her daughter. The relationship that this mother and this daughter shared was one of love and trust. The relationship involved a mutual trust and friendship between the two family members, and even the occational clash of opinions that naturally occurs. The great love that this mother shares with her daughter shows us much about the methods that she is using to raise her daughter.

By letting her daughter make her own decisions, her daughter was able to grow up in a fashion that clearly depicts a vast knowledge about the subjects that she feels strongly about. The subject that was discussed in Brown's essay was the topic of abortion rights. It covered a dispute that she and her mother had about whether or not women should be able to have an abortion. Victoria's daughter was a teen-ager who believed that women should have the choice of whether or not to have an abortion. Victoria herself believed that women should have the choice of whether or not they should be able to have an abortion. Clearly, Victoria could have raised her daughter by teaching her the views that she was taught. Instead, she let her daughter learn for herself what she believed in. This demonstrates to her daughter that it is perfectly natural to have opinions that are different from other people's opinions.

Disputing on topics of this nature introduce healthy conflict that was able to bring the mother and the daughter closer together. By debating the subjects which they each felt strongly about, they spent time together and talked to each other. Both of them knew that no matter how hard either of them tried, one of them was never going to totally convince the other to believe in their side. This just isn't possible when two people dispute subjects which they both believe strongly in. Victoria's daughter, however, managed to pass her point across to her mother, which helped Victoria to understand her daughter's point a little bit better.

When Victoria and her daughter discussed their standpoints with each other, they did so in a professional manner, which helped Victoria's daughter to grow stronger in her ability to converse, which will help her in the future. In Brown's essay, Abortion Fight is over Choice, Victoria states, "We began, of course, with the fundamentals. 'How do you know you're not killing a person?'"(Conscious Reader 203). This clearly shows that they have discussed topics of this nature before and are used to the routine of relating their points across to the other person. Their relationship has grown to a point where they don't have to worry about hurting each other's feelings when talking about a subject. They take these conversations in a professinal manner.

While they are discussing the topic of abortion together, they change the topic slightly. In the essay, Victoria and her daughter say, "'What do you think of that?' I asked her. 'Well,' she sniffed, 'I don't think that people should be irresponsible about sex.'"(Conscious Reader 203). This small topic change can be beneficial in leading the conversation towards other issues that are of the greatest importance to a teenage girl. Their conversation could lead to issues such as whether or not to have sex before marriage. This shows that these type of conversations were very beneficial in Victoria's daughter's growth, as well as Victoria's own personal growth. The loving conversations that they had together were beneficial to both parties involved.

Victoria and her daughter conversing on controversial topics shows the love that Victoria has for her daughter. Victoria loved her daughter so much that she was willing to let her daughter form her own opinions that, many times, differed from her own opinions. The relationship that they have together is one of mutual love and trust in which they are able to freely discuss topics, like abortion, without having to worry about whether or not the other will start becoming unruly and impossible to discuss with. Their relationship had matured enough for them not to have to worry about that problem.

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