Justin Heiner
11CP English
April 24, 1997

Editorial to the Overlords

First of all, those pinheads who believe that the overlords should stay can just go shoot themselves. Because that's what they are doing! By supporting the Overlords, you're just encouraging them to overthrow the world. They are destroying us! Day by day, week by week, little bits of our freedom are being taken away from us. This is happening so slowly that we don't have a chance to notice that it is happening. But it is, and nobody on this God forsaken Earth can deny it. The Overlords must leave. They must go back to wahtever hellish planet that they came from and stay there forever. In fact, I would tolerate an explanation from them that clearly states where they came from and their reasons for hovering mindlessly over our planet. How do they know what is best for the human race? Don't we, as humans, know what is best for ourselves? I think we do have the right to make our own decisions on events concerning us and our planet.

The Overlords do us no good by staying on our planet. If anything, they only cause us harm. They scare the people, make the children fear what is around them. These Overlords can just go home where they came from before they cause the human race any serious damage. I won't even let my own children go out and play anymore for fear that the Overlords will come down and take them away and torture them, or whatever they do with the people that they take. Of course, they say they don't take anybody, but we know better. We know that people go missing for days on end and then come back with no knowledge of where they were and what happened. These Overlords are conspiring against us and should be stopped. For the love of everything that is good, they should be stopped.

- Aye Nano Miss

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