A Friend

A friend of mine left today;
Where she went i cannot say.
When i'll see her i do not know;
But when i do i'll never go.

She left so quick without a word.
If i had listened carefully i might have heard,
The soft sounds telling me to go.
Oh my friend i miss you so.

My dear friend left me ripped and torn;
She left me half dead and neatly worn.
My girl where did you go.
My friend i miss you so.

During the day we used to talk,
Talking and chatting while we walked.
Sharing thoughts i thought you cared.
Now when i think about it, it makes me scared.

You acted like you wanted a friend,
Wanted me, needed me, loved me till the end.
You sounded sincere in all you said,
Now i feel as if you left me for dead.

Today i know you love me no more.
I realize this although it makes me so sore.
My thoughts through the years were all in a dream.
As if love is nothing more than a small bright gleam.

As is everything in life, the gleam must die.
But the one question that i have is why.
Why did you have the strength to only lie;
To make me think that you'd rather i die.

--Justin Heiner

This poem was created by Justin Heiner and is copyrighted by laws pertaining to the Internet. No part of this poem may be copied in any means whatsoever without the expressed permission of the author.