Pictures... of me!

Here's a few pictures, so that you can get an idea about who I am (if you even care...if you don't, well too bad). Hmm...there really isn't much else to say!

Picture of my arm after being burnt by a VERY hot piece of metal
Alejandra and I somewhere just outside of Yakima, WA.
Alejandra and I... somewhere in Bellingham, WA.
My ugly mug right after waking up.
Picture of Alejandra in the town of Leavenworth... or however you spell it :) The German capitol of WA.
These pictures are from a recent photo shoot type thing. The last one, (justin5.jpg) was NOT my idea :)
A picture of me taken at a University of Washington Huskies game. I took the liberty of retouching it so that the temporary tattoo's aren't present :) If you want to see the original picture, check out the picture below (b4nafter.jpg).
This is a collection of pictures that I put together out of curiosity. Just to see how much I'd actually changed over the year.

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