Announcement: 9/19/98

Download FFZ PreAlpha .05
Screenshot of PreAlpha .03 (haven't had time to make a new one)
Developers Page For programmers wanting to know how i did this

Pre-alpha .05 has been released...only 2 days after PA-04 came out. I added the guy walking around on the screen (wow, the first actual interactive part of the game...well, other than the menu). I also redid some of the code to make it a bit more stable :) Added error checking, so that if it crashes because one of you dumbasses didn't use -d when unzipping it, it tells you what file it crashed on and exits nicely. I also put all of my global variables (yes, globals...sloppy programming, but hey, this isn't NASA) into its own .h file instead of including it in EVERY SINGLE .c file which was getting annoying.

If you run it through DOS or Windows 3.1, make SURE that EMM386.EXE is disabled in your CONFIG.SYS before you run it. If you're in Windows 95, well good luck :) Emm386 doesn't matter to you. Have fun and read the RELNOTES.TXT file.